About Us

Purma Holdings Limited is a private company incorporated in 1997 under the Laws of Kenya.

Purma Holding Limited has other subsidiary companies which are involved in diverse businesses that are managed by the parent company.

Over the years Purma Holdings Ltd has expanded into various business enterprises; registering significant business growth. The subsidiary companies are involved in trading business, real estate, clearing and forwarding, as the appointed local agent of various multinational manufacturers, among others as outlined in this profile.

Under the trading subsidiary, Purma has engaged in the sourcing, purchasing, marketing and sale among others of security equipment and related accessories to Government Agencies and specifically to disciplined forces. It also deals with supplies of other general merchandise and consumable products. The Company has built a reputation as a quality service provider and offers competitive prices to her clients. This network synergy has made the supply chain logistics be not only cost effective & efficient to the customers but also provide a wide product-base in line with the changing needs, tastes and preferences to the esteemed customers. There has been a tremendous growth in the customer-base, sales volumes and turn-over and significant financial growth, thanks to the goodwill and royalty enjoyed from existing customers.

Purma has extensive business experience in entrepreneurship which guides her into the execution of daily operations of the organization. Above all the company is managed by highly experienced professionals with diverse skills and enriching experiences in their respective service – lines.


To create real value for our customers and supply partners and remain the supplier of choice in our service delivery lines. We also endeavor to satisfy our customers with the appropriate level of quality products which is a primary goal and a fundamental element to our business success.


To be a world-class leader in customer satisfaction and client support in real estate development, clearing & forwarding and general supplies


  • Retain and expand current customer base through collection of market intelligence on evolving consumer trends, tastes and preferences.
  • Progressively diversify our product/service portfolio through strategic partnership alliances and franchises
  • Continuously enhance our competitiveness through value and quality addition to our services.
  • Endeavor to grow our internal capacity to meet ever-changing market dynamics.


  • Integrity
  • Superior customer service,
  • Pro-active corporate social responsibility.
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Pioneering technology

Purma holdings Company Ltd has progressively evolved to include in its current list of service provision, such products and services as:

  • Trading business:
  • Real estate development
  • Clearing & forwarding
  • Security equipment,
  • ICT equipment,
  • Heavy machinery and earthmovers
  • Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s), for government agencies and disciplined forces
  • General merchandise and consumable supplies


Purma Holdings Ltd intends to expand its business base by joining the Hospitality industry. Through its high level of experience and strong human resource capacity, PHL hopes to capture a sizeable market share of the urban clientele through this venture.

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